Hi there, I'm Jeffrey - a programmer, photographer, and computer science student at University of Wisconsin Madison. I'm also a GIS developer at the Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office, where I work on geospatial projects gathering and visualizing state-wide data for use by counties and WI residents.

A native of St Louis, MO, I recently spent four years in Houston completing my bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences at Rice University. Through my studies, I developed a passion for geospatial visualization, data science, and clean graphic design, which I prioritize in my computer science, geographic, and photographic work.

My primary interests bring together earth science, computer science, and visualization:

  • Using scientific methods to better understand our world
  • Displaying that data cleanly and efficiently
  • Using computer science to produce and showcase that understanding in an enjoyable way

  • Outside of the sciences, I'm fascinated by scripts and languages, especially in the way that shape and form help create meaning. Through language immersion abroad in Amman, Jordan and college coursework I became familiar with Arabic, and created a custom designed font to emphasize some of the stylistic and visual characteristics of the script I wasn't able to find in pre-existing typefaces.

    From field work in Turkey, Iceland and America to travel to the Middle East, I've had chances to spend time in other countries, cultures, and remote locations - experiences I value highly. I found that earth science has a way of showing an less disturbed and original view of a region, as site locations are related to relavent geology, rather than tourism. Wherever I am, surrounding myself with nature, the sun, and the breeze, far from my phone's distractions, is what I use to help me de-stress and relax the most.

    My long-term plans include pursuing graduate education in GIS / Geography / Cartography, and finding opportunities to sharpen my skills in programming and design. My short-term plans include remembering to study for the GRE and deep breathing.

    Thanks for stopping by!